Thursday, July 6, 2017

Pandora's Effect On Walt Disney World Attendance

Interesting article over at on Pandora’s effect on crowd levels at WDW, and animal kingdom in particular. Lots of data and charts and it is a little bit “inside baseball” for those of us who are Disney Fanatics.. but the long and short of the article is that people are just cutting back on their visits to Hollywood studios and Epcot to spend more time at Animal Kingdom, rather than choosing an extra day at Disney over Universal. So in the battle of Universal's Harry Potter vs. Pandora, it seems like Universal is the clear winner at this point. Pandora isn’t drawing anyone “new” in like universal has done with potter. It seems that its people who are already there and they are just going over to see Pandora since they are there. It also seems like people are just going into animal kingdom, seeing Pandora, then they are leaving – rather than staying in Animal Kingdom as Disney had hoped they would. That indicates that Animal Kingdom still has a serious issue with the rest of the park not being really compelling. Disney really needs to up their game if they hope that this would cure all that is wrong with Animal Kingdom. 

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